Fuel caps and Fuel tanks

1.75" cap, 6 hole 2.5" PCD flange 80mm overall diameter

FC26 1.75" cap FC26S 1.75" cap with integral funnel for 2" hose FC26W cap with 2" stub for welding (no flange)

2" cap, 6 hole 3" PCD 92mm overall diameter

FC36S Locking FC36 Non locking FC36NS Locking with integral funnel
FC36N Non locking with integral funnel FC36W 2" cap with 2" stub for hose or welding FC36WS As FC36W but locking

3" cap, 8 hole 4" PCD 120mm overal

FC48S Locking FC48 Non locking FC48NS Locking with integral funnel
FC48N Non locking with integral funnel FC412 Non locking 12 hole (140mm O/a) FC412S Locking 12 hole

Aero cap accessories

GR48 Rubber gasket GR48S Rubber gasket / spill tray GC48 Paper gasket
CN4850 Alloy funnel 2" od spigot CN4857 Alloy funnel 2.1/4" od spigot FR48 Captive nut ring 4"PCD 8 hole
FR36 Nut ring 3"PCD 6 hole FR26 Captive nut ring 2.5"PCD 6 hole FW90 Weld on flange 90mm diameter
F412 12 hole 4.5" pcd flange FFH50 2" id fuel hose CH5090 Rubber hose 2"ID 90 bend
1 CH5045 Rubber hose 2" ID 45 bend
Fitting kits.We can also provide A range of fitting kits to enable easier fitting of the 3” aero flush caps.
This clever concept uses a resin casting which fits into the filler cap recess allowing flush mounting of the cap to the car body, it also slips over the filler neck to which it is attached by a combined adhesive and sealant. The casting will require painting to match the car body colour. Subsequent removal would not be easy.
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Monza flip up fuel cap

2.0" MON2 2.5" MON25 2.75" MON275
Chrome plated brass
2.0" MONC2 2.5" MONC25 2.75" MONC275

Aston flip up fuel cap

2.5" AST25 2.75" AST275 3.5" AST35
Chrome plated brass
2.5" ASTC25 2.75" ASTC275
2.5" Aston and Monza caps are available with a lockable insert, these caps may be fitted in place of exsisting caps on all BMC/Rover minis, MGA,B &C, Sprite &Midget and many others

Aston/Monza Accessories

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Chrome flange
2" FLA2 2.5" FLA25 2.75" FLA275
3.5" FLA35
Alloy flange with hose spigot
2.5" FLAP25 2.75" FLAP275 3.5" FLAP35
Alloy threaded collar
2.0" COLA2 2.5" COLA25 2.75" COLA275
Brass threaded collar
2.0" COL2 2.5" COL25 2.75" COL275


1 1 1
Stant Racing radiator caps Radiator neck Alloy screw cap
XR2 19-21psi RN1 Cap and tube
XR3 22-24psi
Fuel tank vent valves
One way vent and tip over valve 1
TBV45 Small valve for use on cap TRV45 MEDIUM VALVE THV45 HORIZONTAL OUTLET
TBV67-6 JIC to 1/4" push on TRV86 3/4" UNF to -6jic TRL7 Inline valve


Standpipe 8.0 mm 
Weight 63.0g 
Aluminium Alloy 6082

Negative Pressure Limit 0.0055 bar (0.08 psi)
Positive Pressure Limit 0.05 bar (0.725 psi)
vent valve
A new generation of vent valve that use
 carefully calibrated springs to control a two way valveThe benefits are that valve is shut when the engine is switched off so there is no trace of fuel smells in the garage. The valve will open to allow air into the tank to replace the volume of fuel that has been consumed. The valve will also open should any excessive pressure build up in the tank. This function safeguards the fuel system

Alloy Fuel Tanks

1All these fuel tanks feature a screw-on cap with splash bowl


FT2411 2.5 gallon baffled FT2412 2.5 gallon foam filled FT2401 4.5 gallon baffled

FT2402 4.5 gallon foam filled

FT2408 6 gallon baffled FT2409 6 gallon foam filled FT2403 11 gallon baffled FT2404 11 gallon foam filled

JAZ Polypropylene Fuel Tanks


These poly fuel cells are all filled with SFI28-1 Approved Mil spec foam for anti explosion. They come in a vast range of sizes and with different caps and fittings, below is a small example of what is available, please ring to discuss your requirements.

These rectangular fuel cells come in a variety of guises

Oval Track
These feature a 3" raised filler neck with a large 'D'ring / bail handle on the cap, they have an internal pick-up hose located at the right rear of the cell ( but it can be relocated to the left rear of center of the cell). The top of the cell has one AN-8 fitting for fuel pick-up and one AN-8 fitting for a vent.

Remote fill
This cell comes complete with a cast 45 degree, 2, 2.25 or 2.5" ID spring loaded fill valve. Standard features include one AN-8 tip over ball check valve in the vent line, and one AN-8 fuel pick-up

A complete unit that includes a poly fuel cell inside a 20 gauge powder coated metal container, otherwise the same spec as the Oval track cell.

Pro-sport II
The same package as the remote fill cell but complete with metal container

Part No Style 'A' 'B' 'C' 'D' Capacity
JZ200-010-01 Oval 9" 25" 12" 12" 10Gals
JZ200-016-01 Oval 17" 25" 9" 9" 16 Gals
JZ200-032-01 Oval 17" 33" 14" 16" 32 Gals
JZ260-012-01 Remote 16" 17" 10"   10 Gals
JZ270-008-06 Pro-sport 15" .20" .8"   8 Gals
JZ270-016-06 Pro-sport 18" 26" 9"   16 Gals
Part No Style 'A' 'B' 'C' 'D' Capacity
JZ200-008-01 Oval 15" 20" 7" 8" 8 Gals
JZ200-012-01 Oval 16" 17" 10" .8" 12 Gals
JZ200-122-01 Oval 17" 33" 9" 12" 22 Gals
JZ260-008-01 Remote 15" 20" 7"   8 Gals
JZ260-016-01 Remote 17" 25" .9"   16 Gals
JZ270-012-06 Pro-sport 16" 18" 10"   12 Gals
JZ270-122-06 Pro-sport 18" 34" 10"   22 gals

For Pro-sport II, the dimensions are the same as the 270 series just replace this number with a 280 If you require a size of cell not shown here please ring the BGC Helpdesk




'A'=7" 'B'=7" 'C'=10" 'D'=6 1/4" 'E'=9"

This cell is designed to fit in the front of pro-stock type cars, it comes with one AN-10 fuel outlet ,one AN-10 fuel return and one AN-8 vent fitting 2 Gallons capacity
Part No 'A' 'B' 'C' 'D'
JZ250-001-01 6" 6" 12" 6'"
JZ250-003-01 8'" 8'" 14'" 8'"


Vertical Style - These come standard with two AN-8 fuel pick ups and one AN-6 vent on the top. It comes complete with an aerospace style flush fit filler assembly these come in two capacities 1 & 3 gallons

Breather/catch and dry sump tanks

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This remote breather/oil separator, for dry sump systems or rear ends, easily mounts to a roll bar or fire wall, comes standard with molded in 1/4-20 threaded inserts and a swivel petcock for easy draining. Molded in flats on each side of the tank allow fitting from AN-6 to AN-12 to be fitted 8.5" high, 6" wide, 3" deep, 1/2"bspspouts, with sight gauge
605-025-01 RD2407
1 1
Mocal breather tank, in 1,2 o3 ltr versions, also available in brushed alloy, red, chrome and carbon look, in some sizes 14" High ,7" diameter , 8" square base ,Twin baffles, twin breathers ,1/2"bsp, tangential return ,3/4" bsp
CT1   1Ltr, CT2   2 Ltr, CT3   3Ltr RD2400