Oil Coolers, adaptors and sandwich plates

1Mocal coolers, well known in the UK, are excellent coolers which come finished in silver. Their specification has an effective design of turbulator to give better heat dissipation but gives rise to the slightly higher pressure drop, although this of no concern for most if not all applications. Performance graphs of mocal coolers are available on request.

Below is a list of the most popular sizes of oil coolers please specify thread type required. For other heights and widths please contact the BGC Helpdesk.

Oil cooler kits are available, but we prefer to assemble a kit which exactly meets your needs. This means you get it right first time. We are happy to help you decide on suitable hose, dimensions and fittings to suit your pocket and vehicle.

Part No. Dim A Dim B Dim C Dim D Dim E No of Rows
107 210 163 130 190 52 7
110 210 163 130 190 75 10
113 210 163 130 190 99 13
610 330 283 250 310 75 10
613 330 283 250 310 99 13
616 330 283 250 310 123 16
619 330 283 250 310 146 19

Use of an oil cooler may be necessary when an engine has been tuned, is being asked to work harder or simply as a precaution to stop the oil overheating and are especially relevant for use with automatic transmissions when towing.

1All have a 50mm thick matrix.. All dimensions in mm Apply suffixes as follows: for 3/8" BSP R38, 1/2" BSP R12; 5/8" BSP R58; 3/8" UNF AN06; 3/4" UNF ANO8 ;7/8" UNF AN10 These are part numbers for coolers supplied through Goodridge. For the alternative and competitively priced MOCAL cooler the part numbers are prefixed with an 'M' This unit is designed to be fitted to a 16 row 163mm cooler (as shown), useful for any cooling application where there is little airflow over the cooler, Part no Fan11912, and Brkt3

Oil to water coolers

Problems may occur when trying to fit an oil cooler in the air stream. An alternative is an oil to water type cooler, these coolers can be used if there is enough capacity in the water cooling system to cope with the extra loads. These coolers are not as cost effective and are heavier than conventional oil to air type but they offer an alternative when space dictates it.

The donut type is made from stainless steel and is heavier than the Laminova type which also has the advantage of being able to take the full flow of water, thus making it more effective

1C43-90 laminova 160mm overall 102mm body length 68mm wide

C43-180 laminova 245mm overall 185mm body length 68mm wide

C43-330 laminova 395mm overall 333mm body length 68mm wide *Oil and water side connections to be specified.

S34-260 Power steering/transmission 265mm overall 30mm diameter water side connections and 3/8" spouts or 1/4nptf ports oil side.

EC54 range is similar to the C43 except the oil outlets are parallel and not on opposite sides. Available with single or twin oil side cores (ECD54) the double core has almost double the heat transfer capabilities to that of the C43-330

EC54-320 395mm overall -16 Jic oil side and 45mm water side

ECD54-329 395mm overall -16 Jic oil side and 45mm water side 90mm wide

Oil Pressure Accumulators

Piston type: This device consists of a piston in a cylinder with air in the chamber behind the piston pre-pressurised to 6PSI, engine oil further compresses the air providing the means to store 6pints of oil at normal engine operating temperature.

This unit gives the benefits of :

  • Providing oil to the engine when the oil pump is unable to pick up oil from the sump due to surge etc.
  • Provide pre- lubrication to the engine when starting.
  • Provide more power by lowering the oil level in the sump thereby reducing crankshaft windage.
  • The unit can be fitted using a standard type sandwich plate and a one way valve or through use of a remote filter housing.
  1. 1ACCU5 12"long,2pint, manual control
  2. ACCU5E 12"long,2pint, electric control
  3. ACCU1 12"long,4pint, manual control
  4. ACCU1E 12"long,4pint, electric control
  5. ACCU2 16"long,6pint, manual control
  6. ACCU2E 16"long,6pint, electric control
  7. ACCUC S/S mounting clamps for ACCU 1&2
  8. ACCUC2 S/S mounting clamps for ACCU5&5E

Oil Pumps

  1. 1TCP1 max pressure 50psi,
  2. 130 deg C constant 150 deg C intermittent,
  3. 3/8" npt ports,12volt 1.5kg integral cooling fan
  4. JP1 max temp 90 deg C, 1/2" bsp ports, 3 kg 17-522 1-2 gallon flow rate,
  5. (Tilton) 130 deg C constant Self priming, 3/8"npt ports,
  6. 1.5kg integral cooling fan

Sandwich plates and accessories

Sandwich plate 1 This allows an oil cooler to be fitted simply by screwing on an extension bolt and fixing the plate between the engine and the oil filter
Statplate 1 A more convenient way of fitting a thermostat is the use of a statplate; this is a sandwich plate with integral thermostat
In some installations there is not sufficient clearance between the engine and the chassis, in this case use a standard sandwich plate, blanking plate, remote filter head and a remote thermostat. Remote filter heads are available with a variety of flow directions and in some instances with a temperature gauge take off
Blanking plate 1 Part No. Mo1 for 3/4 UNF Mo1C for 13/16 UNF Mo18 for M18x1.5 Other sizes available
Top plate 1 In some instances a top plate can be used simplifying the assembly
A thermostat shortens the time taken for the oil to reach the correct running temperature. The thermostat will only allow the oil to circulate through the cooler after it has reached 75 degrees C
In-line Thermostat 1 Part No OT/2C 1/2" BSP MALE OT/2D 5/8" BSP MALE OT/1B 3/8" PUSH ON OT/1 1/2" PUSH ON OT/2F -8 JIC MALE OT/2G -10 JIC MALE OT/2H -12 JIC MALE
Remote Filter head 1 " NPTF ports no take off RFH3A
both left hand in/out RFH3B
both right hand in/out RFH4 top outlets " BSP ports RFH1A
L to R with temp take off RFH1B
R to L with temp take off RFH1E
L to R no temp take off RFH1F
R to L no temp take off
New RFH 8&9 (shown), to take Japanese micro filter,.
In-line temperature gauge take off 1 TGA2A 1/2" PUSH ON ALL FOR 5/8" UNFTGA2C 1/2" BSP SENDER OTHER TGA2H -8 JIC SIZES AVAILABLE TGA2I -10JIC TGA4 - 3/8BSP TGA3 - 14MM
Special adaptor plates 1 Adaptor plates are available for many models to convert to spin off type filters. Also available are die cast replacement oil pump covers and filter heads for applications where it is impractical to use a sandwich plate EG Rover V8 oil pump cover complete with gaskets Part No PC1
Low pressure oil switch 1 EWS/1a 15-60 psi adjustable EWS/1c 20 psi EWS/1d 35 psi EWS/1 Nil pressure
Oil pressure tee 1 Insert into standard oil pressure switch take off to give additional outlet for early warning switch or pressure gauge
High quality dashboard light 30mm diameter 1 EWL/1 Please specify colour, red, blue, amber, green, white


PLEASE SPECIFY MAKE MODEL AND YEAR OF VEHICLE. All the above need either 2 off 741-08-10D (for 200 series fittings) or 2 off MMS8 (for 1/2" BSP fittings) and 2 off DW-25D each (bonded seal).

Steel Fittings

For alloy fittings and motorsport hose please see the oil and fuel line fittings page

These fittings are economical plated steel and can be used with hose clips, Alternatively BGC can assemble these fittings in conjunction with both rubber and stainless braided hoses with a crimp ring. Please contact the helpdesk with your requirements

1 1 1 1 1
Straight Female 45 Female 90 Female 180 Female Straight Male
1/4" BSP 834-0600 844-91-0600 844-90-0600
3/8" BSP 834-0800 844-91-0800 844-90-0800
1/2" BSP HEF3-8 HEF43-8 HEF93-8 HEF83-8 HEM3-8 = 1/2" BSP
5/8" BSP HEF3-10 HEF43-10 HEF93-10 HEF83-10 HEM3-10 = 5/8" BSP
3/4" BSP HEF3-12 HEF93-12 HEM8-4-8 = 1/4"nptf
-6 JIC HEF7-6 HEF47-6 HEF97-6 HEM1-7-8 = 5/8"unf
-8 JIC HEF7-8 HEF47-8 HEF97-8
-10 JIC HEF7-10 HEF97-10

Metric Fittings

Size Straight Female 90 female Banjo with tail Double outlet banjo 90 Banjo Banjo Bolt Double banjo bolt
M12 x 1.5 831-0600 840-0600 881-0600 882-0600 881-90-0600 891-0600 892-0600
M14 x 1.5 831-0800 840-0800 881-0800 882-0800 881-90-0800 891-0800 892-0800
M16 x 1.5 831-1000 840-1000 881-1000 881-90-1000 891-1000
Other fittings available to order, please contact us with your requirements


FT4000 Stainless Steel Hose

A low cost braided stainless steel hose for oil or water
Ideal for use with crimp fittings or 'Pro-clamps'
FT4000-08 12.7mm 21mm
FT4000-10 16mm 24mm
FT4000-12 19mm 29mm
For smaller sizes use FT3000 hose on fuel pumps page
Rubber hose suitable for Oil or Fuel
100R6-8 12.7mm ID, 20mm OD 100R6-10 16mm ID, 23mm OD 100R6-12 19mm ID, 28mm OD
For smaller sizes use FT2000 hose onfuel pumpspage
Inner tube oil resisting, seamless synthetic rubber compound , inner cotton reinforcement, a high quality and useful lower pressure hose. Compatible with fuels, oils, coolants and hydraulic fluids. Temperature range -40 deg C to +80 deg C continuously, -40 deg C to + 120 deg C intermittently

2556 Hose and Fittings

Inner tube oil resisting, seamless synthetic rubber compound , inner cotton reinforcement, a high quality and useful lower pressure hose. Compatible with fuels, oils, coolants and hydraulic fluids. Temperature range -40 deg C to +80 deg C continuously, -40 deg C to + 120 deg C intermittently, working pressure 261 PSI. These hose and fittings are designed to be used without crimp sleeves or hose clip, they are of push together design, so are a good choice for self assembly for pressures up to 260 PSI,

Hose Part No ID (mm) OD (mm) Straight Female 45 female 90 Female
2556-4 6.35 12.70
2556-6 9.52 15.87 3/8" BSP 350-06 7000-06 7001-06
2556-8 12.70 19.05 1/2" BSP 350-08 7000-08 7001-08
2556-10 15.87 23.00 -6 JIC J350-06 J7000-06 J7001-06
2556-12 19.05 26.19 -8 JIC J350-08 J7000-08 J7001-08
Other sizes available but not very popular, please contact us for availability

536 Hose and Fittings

Attractive blue hose for use with 536 range of blue alloy fittings a lightweight alternative to 2556 hose and fittings. Can be assembled without the need for special tools an alternative but reliable system, to the professional 200 range of hose and fittings,
working pressure 250psi, temperature range -40C to +150C Only available in JIC sizes

Hose Part No ID (mm) OD (mm) 536-01 Straight female 1
536-04 6.35 12.45 536-45 45 female
536-06 9.66 15.75 536-90 90 female
536-08 12.70 19.05 536-120 120 female
536-10 16.00 23.12 536-150 150 female
536-12 19.05 26.17 536-180 180 female

Hose Finishers

Also known as 'Pro-Clamps, these are useful for tidying up an installation with
Stainless steel braided hose on push - fit applications

Part Number ID (mm) Part Number ID (mm) 1
936-04 12 936-18 34.5
936-06 15.5 936-20 40.5
936-08 17 936-24 42.5
936-10 20.5 936-28 48.5
936-12 24.5 936-32 55.0
936-14 28 936-34 58.0
936-16 30 936-36 59.5
Please suffix DR for red, DB for blue or DCH for chrome finish

When measuring for these clamps, please remember to allow for the maximum diameter over the spigot, especially when the spout has a large bead, also don t forget to allow for the over braid when covering rubber hoses.

Stainless Steel Worm Drive Clips

5mm wide 8mm wide 12mm wide
HC001 11-19 mm HC2-2 10-16 mm HC2-6 28-44 mm HC3-1 28-52 mm
HC2-3 12-22 mm HC2-7 32-48 mm HC3-2 38-60 mm
HC2-4 16-28 mm HC2-8 48-66 mm HC3-3 115-165 mm
HC2-5 19-32 mm HC322 65-78mm