Fuel pumps, regulators and filters


Interrupter type fuel pumps

(silver top)
(competition silver top)
(competition red top)

Solid State type fuel pumps

(fast road)

Posi-Flow Pump

20gph/1.5-4 psi
for use up to 150 BHP
27gph/4-7 psi
for use up to 180 BHP
Available in kit form with pre-filter union and outlet (8mm)FEP04sv (40104 pump)
FEP06sv (40106 pump)

Facet fuel pump unions and accessories

1 1 1
Fuel filter union
FPA 930
High Capacity fuel filter union
Rubber mount kit
1 Straight Unions
FPA903/A 1/8"npt 8mm spout
FPA903/B 1/8"npt 6mm spout
FPA903/C 1/8"npt 10mm spout
FPA904/A 1/4"npt 8mm spout
FPA904/B1/4"npt 10mm spout
1 90 Degree Unions
FPA9011 1/8"npt 8mm spout
FPA9001 1/8"npt 6mm spout
FPA9002 1/8"npt 10mm spout
FPA9021/A 1/4"npt 8mm spout
FPA9022/B1/4"npt 10mm spout

Holley fuel pumps and accessories

H801 fuel pump 85gph H802 Fuel pump with regulator 110gph H803 Holley regulator 4.5 to 9 psi adjustable

Fuel filters and regulators

1 Petrol filter with integral pressure regulator. Available in two bowl sizes and with a high flow option
FPR004 67mm bowl glass FPR005 67mm bowl alloy FPR006 85mm bowl glass
FPR007 85mm bowl alloy FPR007/G 85mm with gauge FPR V8/8 High flow V8 8mm tail
FPR V8/10 High flow V8 10 mm tail FPR V8/NPT High flow V8 1/8"nptf FPR V8/NPT/G H/flow 1/8"nptf with guage
One way valve - black
1 1
OWVS008BK One way valve 8mm tail
OWVS006BK One way valve 6mm tail
OWVs010BK One way valve 10mm tail
RA001 Replacement filter element 67mm RA002 Replacement filter element 85mm
V8RA001 Replacement filter element, high flow

Pro-fuel filters and regulators

Chrome fuel pressure regulator adjustable between 1 to 5 psi
5/16" pro#54 3/8" pro#55
1/4" pro#53 1/4" & 5/16" pro#69
Chrome/glass fuel filter
filter length 1/4" 5/16" 3/8"
35mm pro#823 pro#824 pro#825
60mm pro#804 pro#805 pro#806

Alloy fuel filters and check valves

1 1
Two part alloy filter with sintered bronze or pleated stainless steel element
Part No
Description & Thread size
Inline fuel filter 5/16" push fit
Inline fuel filter 3/8" push fit
Inline fuel filter
7/16" UNF Inline fuel filter
9/16" UNF Inline fuel filter
3/4" UNF Alloy check valve (flap)
7/16"UNFAlloy check valve (flap) 9/16" UNF

Other sizes and types available, also for use with oil installations

Fuel Taps and fuel unions

1 1 1
Chrome plated body. Stainless steel ball valve in teflon seating can also be used for air jack control Straight fitting Banjo fittings
TAP3-4 1/4"BSP female ports CFT/U.1/4 Brass union 1/4" bsp1/4"tail CUA001 Straight Weber DCOE fuel banjo and bolt
TAP3-6 3/8"BSP female ports CFT/U.5/16 Brass union 1/4" bsp5/16"tail CUA002 90 deg Weber DCOE fuel banjo and bolt
881-900800A 90 deg 14mm banjo for 8mm push on with bolt
TAP3-8 1/2"BSP female ports CFT/U.3/8 Brass union 1/4" bsp3/8"tail 881-0806A 14mm straight banjo for 8mm push on with bolt
Double take off banjo Tee piece
1 1
HEBAN2-41-5-5 M12 banjo tee with one 45deg leg
HEBAN3-41-5-5 M12 banjo tee
MTP001 1/4"
MTP002 5/16"
MTP002 5/16"
MTP003 3/8"
MTP0203 3/8",3/8",5/16"
Hose menders / joiners
J0303 5/5mm J0404 6/6mm J0604 8/6mm J0606 8/8mm J0806 10/8mm
J0808 10/10mm J1006 12/8mm J1008 12/10mm J1010 12/12mm J1310 15/12mm

Push fit and crimp banjos - steel

Banjo assemblies, these come with the bolt and copper washers

Please Note!

The Bsp bolts are stepped to fit into a metric banjo so will not fit into a standard Bsp banjo

Bolt - spout  ODSingle Banjo Double Banjo90 Degree Banjo
8x1mm 5mm 8081.0300A8082.0303A8081.90.0300A
8x1mm 6mm 8081.0304A
10x1mm 6mm  8081.0400A8082.0404A 8081.90.0400A
10x1mm 8mm8081.0406A
12x1.5mm 6mm8081.0604A
12x1.5mm 8mm8081.0600A 8082.0606A   8081.90.0600A
12x1.5mm 10mm 8081.0608A
14x1.5mm 6mm8081.0804A
14x1.5mm 8mm8081.0806A
14x1.5mm 10mm8081.0800A8082.0808A8081.90.0800A
16x1.5mm 10mm8081.1008A
16x1.5mm 12mm8081.1000A8081.90.1000A
18x1.5mm x 10mm8081.1308A
18x1.5mm x 16mm8081.1300A
1/8 Bsp x 6mm  8084.0400A   8087.0300A8084.90.0300A
1/8 Bsp x 8 mm 8084.0406A
1/4 Bsp x 6mm8084.0804A
1/4 Bsp x 8mm 8084.0806A
1/4 Bsp x 10mm8084.0800A8087.0800A8084.90.0800A
1/2 UNF x 8mm8086.0600A


This is a high quality German made hose inside construction is FPM/ECO with an Aramid support braid, outside ECO (abrasion resistant rubber layer)

Manufactured to DIN 73379-3E

10 bar working pressure, 20 bar test pressure , 50 bar minimum burst pressure 60mm minimum bend radius

Suitable for use with

Petrol in mixture with Ethanol, Butanol, Methanol up to 100% Diesel in mixture with Rapeseed methyl Ester, Soya methyl ester, Fatty acid methyl ester,hydro treated vegetable oil up to 100%

Bio hose

Fuel guage / sensor adaptor

The 8mm version is one piece where as the other 2 sizes have screw in adaptor, the port is 1/8" NPTF, comes with blanking plug

Fuel gauge adaptor
FGA100 8mm
FGA100A 6mm
FGA100B 10mm
1 1
FBM2183 -6JIC each end 100195 45mm dia 0-15 psi 1/8 NPTF
FBM2184 -8JIC each end 100189 As above but oil filled
FBM2178 3/8NPT in, 2off 1/4NPT out 1001950 45mm dia 0-100 psi
GA6-6M-3 -6 male to -5 female
All with 1/8NPTF tapping for take off
Motorsport Alloy Mounting bracket MRB001

Fuel injection pumps, regulators etc.

Part No. Max Pressure Delivery Inlet Outlet
Bar Ltr/Hr@ 3Bar mm mm
FP601 7.0 135 8 8
FP602 7 135 15 8 Banjo
FP603 7.5 156 12 8
FP604 8 180 12/15 8 banjo
FP605 5.5 150 15 8 banjo
FP606 7.5 156 12 8 banjo
FP607 7.5 150 12 options
FP608 9.5 162 12 M12 female
FP609 7 144 15 M12 female
FP610 7.5 144 12 8
ITP039 In-Tank lift pump with filter sock
Click for application charts
Turbo (Carburetor) pumps
FP612 2.5 135 MAX 8 8
FP613 7.5 156 12 8
High performance roller vane electric fuel pumps
TCP020/1 8 180 12 8
TCP020/2 8 180 12 Banjo
TCP020/3 8 180 Jic 6 or 8 Jic 6 out
Bosch Competition
254 044 11 230 M14x1.5 M12x1.5

We can offer a wide range of in-tank fuel injection pump applications

Click here for a list

Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Fuel injection parts

1 Fuel injection filter
The main causes of injection pump failures are rust and water, together with aluminum particles or tank linings on competition tanks, Injection pumps must be pre- filtered. The "Bullet" filter is a high flow professional filter, which can be used as post or pre pump filters for fuel injection or carburetor engines, and comes in a range of spout / spigot configurations
1 Facet Power Boost Valve
For most electronic fuel injected engines. Provides faster acceleration and quicker response.
Removes flat spots and maintains normal smooth idle. Easy to fit
Click here for application list
1 Fuel injection collector pot
to enable a constant fuel supply to the fuel pump, even with hard cornering or low fuel levels.
The unit also houses a cleanable metal filter, is of alloy construction and comes with a mounting bracket 145mm high x 75mm diameter CCP001 10mm inlet, 12mm outlet, 6mm return
CCP002 JIC-6 inlet, 12mm outlet, JIC-4 return
1 Fuel injection hoses
These Braided stainless steel lines have a polymid inner and are suitable for pressures up to 25 bar, the end fittings and collars are zinc passivated steel. They are more flexible than those found on Ford systems and have the advantage of being moldable to help installation. BGC are able to supply ready made lines for direct replacement or specials to any length.